Job title – Dementia Coordinator

Responsible to: Services Manager

Salary: £20,000 per annum for a 37.5 hour week


20 Days Annual Leave + Bank Holidays


Job Purpose: 

Provide a single point of access approach in times of need in order to provide consistency of support throughout the dementia journey.

To provide timely and accurate information and effective support to people diagnosed with dementia, (or have suspected dementia) their carers and family.  To work closely with the Primary Care Network they are assigned to, working in partnership with GPs, their multi-disciplinary team meetings and Memory Assessment Services. Identifying issues leading to deterioration coordinating care and support with external agencies to ensure timely, wrap around support is maintained to avert crisis situations. The co-ordinator will provide support at each step of the pathway, from pre-diagnosis to end of life, if this is needed by the person with dementia and their carers.


Job Description: 


  • Contacting the patient and/or appropriate carer/supporter within two working days (48 hours) from when the referral is received.
  • Provide face to face visits within 7 working days of a request in agreement with the pwd and/or carer.
  • Work in partnership with health professionals and organisations such as Adult Social Care, to meet the needs of both the patient and the carer.
  • Liaise with the person diagnosed with dementia’s GP as and when required throughout the dementia journey.
  • Provide an Annual Practice update for each GP practice outlining support provided to patients (in contact with the service) and their carers (as appropriate) on their QOF register.
  • In order to start to develop relationships with the family it is expected that the Provider will develop and utilise an appropriate information resource, to support these conversations.
  • Provide flexible support so that where necessary team members can cross geographical areas to ensure timescales are met.
  • Develop and maintain a framework document/information resource for planning and decision making in order to identify what needs to be in place whilst a person still has the capacity to make decisions and a check list to facilitate the planning process. This should also act as a resource to support conversations around advance care planning.
  • Provide and continue to develop an individualised support plan that reflects the health and well-being needs of the person diagnosed. It will also include the necessary information to enable a financial health check to be carried out. As the dementia progresses the information provided by the service will be geared towards supporting the family carer more and provide advice on different stages of the dementia journey.
  • Provide support for the immediate carer/supporter as well as for other family members and encourage the carer to engage with a carers assessment.
  • Be with the person with dementia and the family along their pathway, proactively contacting them on a regular basis dependent on their need.
  • Assess the need for information and advice with appropriate timing, sensitively tailored to individual need.
  • Ensure an effective referral pathway to the service from point of diagnosis.
  • Liaise with pharmacies to support appropriate and safe use of medication.
  • Carer identification and recognition/support in primary care.
  • Help Carers to access respite and support.
  • Support medication management and compliance.



This post is subject to an enhanced DBS check


Skills and attributes Method of assessment
Approachable and friendly/socially confident

Attention to detail and accurate recording

Excellent communication skills

Good organisational skills

Good IT skills

Ability to manage workload and plan effectively to ensure seamless delivery of services.

Ability to problem solve by thinking laterally to achieve results

Listening and understanding

Application Form/ Interview
Working with people living with dementia, their carers and wider family network

Experience of working within health and social care

Experience of health and social care systems

Data collection and recording/reporting

Ability to quickly form good relationships both internally and externally and represent the organisation in a positive manner



Application Form/ Interview
Understanding of the challenges facing people living with dementia, their families and carers

Knowledge and understanding of local voluntary sector and statutory bodies


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Work related circumstances  
Commitment to equal opportunities

Ability to meet the travel requirements of the post & possess a full, clean driving licence, have access to a car for work.

Compliance with health and safety rules, regulations and legislation

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